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June 17, 2008

Princetta's Beauty Secrets (Featured Business)

Interview with Donna Maria- Founder and CEO of
Indie Beauty Network

Indie Candy:
Princetta Saray of:
Princetta’s Beauty Secrets-
Las Vegas, Nevada
The Internet makes it possible to discover so many interesting people. As IBN's leader, I'm discovering exciting new things about members every day. There was a time when I could focus on members' wonderful cosmetics products and that was good enough because they are all so fabulous. But I have to say that, now, every time I feature a member, I find out that, not only do they have great beauty products, but they are so multi-talented that I just can't help but include other things.

This week, I'm introducing you to Princetta of Princetta's Beauty Secrets in Las Vegas. Not only does she have a line of beauty products, and some great news to share about her new wholesale account, but she is also a Las Vegas performer with some great news on that front too. Here is some of her story.

Tell me about how you started Princetta's Beauty Secrets? For years, I suffered with dry, dull and sensitive skin. Everything on the market seemed to irritate my skin, contained too many chemicals or never did the job of moisturizing thoroughly. After moving from my hometown of Philadelphia to Las Vegas, the dry climate made my skin problems worse and I became even more sensitive than ever.I tried almost everything on the market to combat my skin disorders, all to no avail. I started doing extensive research to find natural ways to address my issues, starting with mixing up my own lotions and creams at home in my kitchen.
I immediately felt and saw a dramatic difference in the elasticity and appearance of my skin. I started giving bottles of lotion and creams to my sisters, relatives and friends during the holidays and special occasions.

They raved about how great the products felt on their skin and were equally receptive to the natural and gentle ingredients they contained. I decided to start a home-based business selling directly to local clients and massage therapists here in Las Vegas. Shortly after, I launched an exclusive account with Spa Bavu in Philly, and then others. In order to expand the business even further, Princetta's Beauty Secrets (PBS) launched online, and as of last week, is now being sold at Whole Foods Market.

And besides beauty, you also have another career? I am a vocalist and work part-time performing in Las Vegas and nationwide when contracted, and even internationally. For example, I am booked to perform at the Brown Sugar Club in Taipei, Taiwan, from early August to late September this year. I also perform at private and corporate affairs. I have an agent, but I book most of my gigs on my own. I am in the process of completing my first CD scheduled to be released by the end of this year. You can enjoy some of my music at my MySpace page.

What do you love about performing live?
Singing and performing are my first loves, and have been since I was very small. It gives me a good feeling to be able to touch someone with my music, and this feeling is heightened when I am performing live because the magic happens right in front of me.

You contacted me several years ago about investigating starting a beauty products company? What steps did you take to get to this point?
Spa Bavu was using PBS products in their bathroom and as finishing products for massages, pedicures and manicures. The owner, Diana Kline, asked me if I would make the products in bulk for clients. Her clients raved about the products, and wanted products to take them home. I participated in a Spa Bavu client event which they called their "Hydration Clinic." For an entire weekend, Spa Bavu delivered customized body treatments sold in packages along with PBS products. I met and customized a take home package for every single client that came. To this day, Spa Bavu exclusively uses PBS products to finish all treatments and in their retail area. From this experience, I knew that I needed to dream bigger, and take PBS to the next level.

Here's what I did, in a nutshell:
1. A lot of spiritual soul searching, which convinced me that this is what I wanted to do?
2. Research--Research--Research and still to this day, more research!
3. Trial and error was next, and then, product by product, perfection.
4. As I perfected products, I told everyone who would listen about them and sent out samples.
The rest is history, or history in the making!

What's your niche?
First and foremost, PBS is made with love. That might sound fruity to many, but I really mean it! PBS upholds the highest standards of satisfaction and quality. My products are different because they contain Aloe Vera juice and Natural oils with absolutely no water. When you bathe and strip your skin from its natural oils, it should be replenished with what's missing -- natural oils.

What are your most popular products?
At the present, I have a total of 10 products. The best selling product varies by location, but overall the "Almond Treat" scent seems to be the favorite of most.

What's new with your business these days? On June 2, 2008, PBS launched in Whole Foods Market! Since then we have landed accounts with Stay Healthy- Las Vegas, Pure Health Foods-Las Vegas and MakeUpMania- Denver. It's a good feeling to know that my tenacity, hard work and focus have finally paid off. The process took longer than I anticipated, but I continued to envision seeing my products on the shelves. Launching an account like Whole Foods Market, which has nationwide locations and the respect of many health conscious consumers, is a dream come true for me and I am happy to be part of the Whole Foods Market family. The feeling of seeing my products on the shelves and hearing all the positive feedback makes all my hard work and sacrifice worth the time and effort.

Who helps your business be successful?
My spiritual connection to the Infinite and the support of my family and friends has continued to keep me on the right path of success.

How do you market your products? I currently promote my product through my website and blog. I am also affiliated with the Local Farmer's Market and I advertise in local community papers, plus I enjoy continuous referrals from existing customers. The most effective business strategy for me is follow up with every client who purchases a product. For me, it's important to know that each customer is satisfied with their business experience and the quality and effectiveness of the products they purchase.

What tips can you offer to others starting out in the beauty industry?
Make sure that continuous research and development are both at the top of your list of “things to do." Don't expect to become rich overnight, and realize that the sacrifice of your time and money is unavoidable. Know that passion and desire are important because you will not enjoy immediate success. Continuously claim your success and imagine that you have it already! If looking for investors, don't omit family and friends. You can have sample parties to introduce your product to potential investors, and share with them your strategies and plans for how your business will succeed with their financial support.

What are the best things about what you do?
I receive continuous positive feedback from satisfied clients. I know that something I make can change someone's life. To make a living from something I am truly passionate about is very rewarding and satisfying.

What is a challenge you face, and how do you overcome it? My biggest challenge is time management. From the moment I started my business, I faced the challenge of too much to do and too few hours to do it in. To balance the work-time equation, I had to develop solid time management skills. I use Mind Tools Ltd., which offers a wealth of time management tools, including a template to help prioritize my workload. I also use Franklin Covey's Plan Plus for Microsoft Outlook 5.0, business management software, which offers task management tools, project management tools, shows your calendar, tasks, and e-mail - all on one screen. This program is compatible with any version of Outlook 2000 or higher, including Outlook 2007. It also includes synchronization to Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Palm.

Another challenge is change management. As my business continues to grow, I realize more and more that change is inevitable. I needed help creating a strategic plan that would assist with change management so, I now use templates from Plan Ware, which also offers primers on strategic planning.

What are you doing when you're not working on PBS? Singing, reading good books, recording music and performing live.

What books have you read to help you be successful in life and in business?
One that's at the top of my list is "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting," by Lynn Grabhorn. From my personal experience, applying the "Law of Attraction" and connecting to the universe is a must! No matter how many books you read or seminars you attend, if you want to get more out of life and find the missing pieces to life's obstacles (that most people think don't exist), studying the "Law of Attraction" is a way to make a complete turnaround in your life as it has done for me.

What do you love about being Indie? I like being a part of a network where there are so many ways to learn about how to make your business a success. It's very enlightening and motivating to learn of others' success stories. Being in IBN is a great way to self-motivate by listening to the stories of others who are making their businesses work. I listen to dM's Group Coaching sessions also. My favorite so far is "The Riches are in the Niches." I learned so much about great ways to market my business and have implemented most of her suggestions!
dM is incredible! I have and will continue to tell everyone that I know in the business all about IBN and encourage them to be a part of it. It is truly a great network to be part of. It feels more like family than an organization, and that's what I love most about being Indie!!

This is Indie Candy, so if you were a brand of candy, what would you be? M&Ms! I am fun and spontaneous. Everyone loves me one way or another. I am usually a positive person and don't worry about my losses much. I realize that losses are sometimes needed to teach you a life or business lesson or a way to help you appreciate the gains.

Now that you've taken the time to answer all of my questions (thank you!), what can you tell us about your philosophy of life and business that can encourage us to be the best we can be? I am totally committed to providing my customers with a consistent, quality product. I believe that follow-up is the key to a long-term successful business. When people know that you are committed to making and keeping them happy, you will continue to have repeat business followed by consistent referrals. I do not agree with some practices of mass production, requiring production of low quality products in order to gain higher profits. Although I am in the business to make money, I neither want nor plan to do it by giving/ producing anything less than the quality product people deserve. I believe that what you put out into the Universe will return to you tenfold--be it good or not so good. So our company mission will always support our continuous focus of producing a quality product and complete customer satisfaction for all our clients!

June 5, 2008

PBS at Whole Foods Market

Princetta's Beauty Secrets skin care line is officially being sold at Whole Foods Market (Las Vegas) at the following locations: 
  • Charleston/Fort Apache,  
  • Lake Mead Tenaya
  • 215/Green Valley Pkwy-  (Henderson)
  • 215/Las Vegas Blvd.- near (Mandalay Bay Hotel/Casino) 

Other locations that our product is being retailed include:  
Stay Healthy Las Vegas (Rancho and Charleston), Spa Bavu (Philadelphia), MakeUpMania (Colorado) and coming soon Bambis Ethiopian Market, (Decatur/Flamingo). The line consists of body lotions,  
creams, body scrubs and pure authentic Shea Body Butter. These products are formulated for all skin types and designed for both men and women. Once you use the products, you will see and feel an immediate difference in your skin's elasticity and appearance. All mixtures contain no chemicals, water or un-natural preservatives and are ideal for those who are concerned about the long term side effects of the leading chemical based moisturizers on the market today.

Thank you in advance for all your support and future business. We will notify you when the PBS line is being sold at other locations in Nevada, followed by the Regional and National stores.

                                    Rejuvenate your skin the natural way!


What's different about our products?

Even though your body's skin is much less exposed to the environment than your facial skin is, it nevertheless plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being. Taking care of your body's skin and using Natural Body Moisturizers will help you to maintain your skin's health and vitality.
Your skin will thank and reward you for providing it with the essential hydration, nourishment and protection it needs. The formulations of our Natural Body Moisturizers have been developed to suite all skin types and are rich in 100% pure Essential oils, Organic carrier oils and pure un-refined natural butters.
Our range of Natural Body Moisturizers have been developed to take care of your body's skin by providing hydration, nourishment and essential building blocks to keep your body's skin supple, smooth and healthy, naturally.

Since the skin has natural oils that are damaged by many things to include the environment and simply bathing, our formulations will provide your skin with exactly what it needs and is missing, “natural oils”. Furthermore, we do not use water, mineral oil and/or harsh emulsifiers in our mixtures, which explains why our products are an excellent choice for anyone who desires soft, smooth, silky and naturally conditioned skin.
Our moisturizers are excellent for anyone who has dry skin or dry patches on feet, elbows or knees or just anyone who wants to have well-conditioned great looking skin. A little goes a long way, so it will last you for a long time. You really only need to use a little. It's awesome! The ingredients in these products will deeply nourish your skin to deliver age defying moisture that replenishes your skin's natural antioxidants, which will in return help to make dullness disappear.
Click here to place an order!

Philadelphia's Best Kept Secret

Spa Bavu, owned and operated by Diana Kline is a unique day spa inspired by the strength and beauty of Africa. The moment that you enter the waiting room, you immediately sense calmness. From the exotic aroma to the serene and friendly surrounding, you are immediately relaxed.

Cynthia the "spa manager" is a compassionate, professional and personable woman who manages charm, business and warmth while juggling all the other responsibilities of the spa. She actually sets the mood when you enter the spa. From the beginning to the end of your visit, she demonstrates a sincere commitment to providing you with the utmost serene and satisfied experience. *****

Diana the "spa owner" consistently delivers the best services ever! She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable about each and every aspect of your service. She takes the time to answer your questions and/or educates you about the many benefits of your particular service. Aside from her naturally strong hands, her humor and consistent passion for complete satisfaction is exemplified after each satisfied treatment. I highly recommend this spa to anyone living in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. If you are visiting, this is a must do before leaving!!! For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 215-413-0556 Location: 124 Chestnut Street (Old City Philadelphia area) Spa Bavu *****

What's new at Spa Bavu? Bavu Essentials Acne Tx Treatments..... For more information about purchasing these retail items or to schedule treatments, call or stop by today!!!! Click on photo to enlarge.

The Caribbean Islands in Philadelphia

Caribbean cuisine is a true representation of all the cultural and migratory influences the Region has welcome. The blends and rhythms that season our Region, and culinary experiences have become natural partners for other manifestations of cultural celebration, such as; music and religion.

If you live in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas, you have the advantage of experiencing the most flavorful Caribbean cuisine, seasoned to the bone! Father Erkie Jeanne B's Restaurant/Catering is a MUST experience if you haven't done so.

The innovative menu consists of fun, festive and creative meals prepared by Master Chef Ruff, Chef Erkie and Chef Jeanne B. With the combination of "Chef Ruff and Chef Erkie's" Authentic Caribbean background and the American Culinary training plus natural Southern roots "Jeanne B" brings, the excitement of creativity and flair complement this unique marriage of culinary expertise. These delicious meals are made with love, gratitude and authentic Caribbean ingredients imported from the Caribbean Islands, specifically "Jamaica."

If you want to enjoy friendly service, excellent food and the best freshly made juices you've ever had, don't hestitate to come by today. Bring your family and friends for a relaxing night of fun and excitement.... Experience the Caribbean Islands in Philadelphia.

For more information, call 215-477-0936
Father Erkie Jeanne B's Restaurant/Catering
6505 Lansdowne Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19151

Coming soon! All Natural Sauces. A delicious way to enhance your own culinary creations. Click on photo to enlarge.